Praise for Ballet Etudes

"I am grateful for the experiences you gave me during my time at Ballet Etudes. I know they were an important part of my journey" - Gabriella Domini, New York City Ballet

"I know that I wouldn't be where I am today without you. My time at Ballet Etudes pushed me to experiment with all the elements that are required to be a professional dancer. You helped me build my strengths technically, physically, mentally, and artistically." - McKhayla Pettingill, Houston Ballet

“I feel so fortunate that I was able to train at a studio that was focused on helping dancers reach their full potential. Ballet Etudes gave me the technique and confidence I needed to take the next step.” - Malorie Lundgren, New York City Ballet Apprentice

"The Ballet Etudes students are beautiful and well-trained, with impeccable manners! Everyone was eager to dance and to learn and quick to absorb corrections. I look forward to further association with Ballet Etudes!" - Kim Sonderegger, The Washington Ballet

"Having seen what Ballet Etudes gives to their students from a professional perspective, I am absolutely impressed. They teach their students how to be smart, successful and skillful dancers giving them the opportunity to enter the dance world with some of the best technique any pre-professional company has. On top of their amazing gift towards dancing, they are wonderful and inspiring people. You will always be welcomed with the warmest of attitudes making this studio a home where students can thrive!" - Weston Krukow, Smuin Ballet

"My time spent with Ballet Etudes is something that I will forever remember. The company and its faculty have wonderful training tools to offer young dancers that I believe are rare and hard to find. From the audition process and rehearsal etiquette to stage performance and overall hard work ethic, these are things that a dancer can benefit from no matter where their career may take them. I am proud to say that I was a member of Ballet Etudes and I thank all of those involved for teaching me so much." Amy Owens - Radio City Rockette

“I have been crisscrossing America on summer audition tours for fifteen years. The students at Ballet Etudes are extremely well trained. It is clear they have outstanding teachers.” - Michael Owen, Director of Dance, Walnut Hill School for the Arts

"I have had the great opportunity to work with Ballet Etudes on a number of occasions and have always found them to be 100% prepared, enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. The young dancers are very talented and energetic and their mentors are most experienced and conscientious. When looking for dancers in the Phoenix valley, Ballet Etudes is my first choice." Lawrence Golan - Conductor, The Phoenix Symphony

"I would like to thank Sharon and Ballet Etudes for 10 years of amazing training and unforgettable opportunities. I would not be where I am today, pursing my professional dance career, without Ballet Etudes!" Cameo Cross - University of Arizona Dance Scholarship Graduate; River North Jazz Chicago

“Ballet Etudes...turning out stars-to-be.” The Arizona Republic

"I would not be the teacher, choreographer, dancer, or person I am today if it had not been for the support and guidance of all of my teachers while I was with Ballet Etudes. The lessons I learned while with Ballet Etudes are lessons I still use with my own students to this day." Justin Moore - Milwaukee Ballet

"Ballet Etudes promotes an atmosphere of pre-professional development and expectation that fosters integrity and excellence in its students." Paris Wilcox - Kansas City Ballet; Ballet Arizona

“[Ballet Etudes is] truly the strongest program I see in my travels.” Karen Gibbons Brown - Artistic Director, Fort Wayne Ballet

“Ballet Etudes provided me with countless hours of rehearsal and stage experience, and helped provide me with the tools I needed to excel in the professional dance world.” - Susan Gartell, Milwaukee Ballet

"Ballet Etudes has the best teachers, choreography, and opportunities. They have made me who I am today by pushing me to the best I can be and with that I have gone far. Ballet Etudes provided me so many performing opportunities that I will never forget. Not only did we work hard but we had fun, and we shared that with others through our stunning productions!" Megan Conway - Brigham Young University Ballet Graduate